The 2nd workshop of European Union’s GROWTHCOM Project

27-05-2014 to 29-05-2014

The second European Union’s GROWTHCOM Seminar was held on May 27-29 at Alibaba business school of Hangzhou Normal University and Alibaba group. The conference is jointly undertaken by the Alibaba business school complex scientific research center of HZNU, the EU Growthcom project team and Alibaba group. The conference participants mainly come from 6 domestic and foreign scientific research teams, respectively is: Italy Rome CNR (Consiglio Nazionle delle Ricerche), the London Mathematical Science Center LIMS (London Centre for Mathematical Sciences), Fribourg University, Hangzhou Normal University, University of Oxford and group. The Chairman Zhang Zuo and Vice Dean Zhang Jianlin of Alibaba Business College, Hangzhou Normal University attend the meeting.

On May 27th and 28th, the first part of this meeting is held at room 801, ShuYuan No. 1 Building. In May 27th, Prof. Zhang Zike introduced to the participants the team of Alibaba Research Center for Complexity Sciences of Hangzhou Normal University, and presented the research on online recommender system. Then Dr. Wang Peng reported his recent work on the detection of Taobao’s fake transactions, and Prof. Lv Linyuan shared her work in link prediction and leadership recognition, Dr. Liu Runran introduced the recommendation algorithm and its applications in e-commerce, the PhD student Zhang Chu-Xu presented a machine learning method in social network and latest related research achievements.  In the morning of May 28th, Dr. Zeng An, University of Fribourg, introduced their team and serial research results in the e-commerce recommendation system and product trends prediction whilst Liu Weiping introduced the practical achievements of recommendation algorithms in the real business. Afternoon, Luciano Pietronero and other members, from the CNR team, introduced their research results in the field of complex systems and complexity of economic. Francois Lafond, University of Oxford, mainly studies the relationship between the innovation and the economic field, and dedicates to researching experience model, generated by the evolution of a knowledge network into bipartite network. 

In May 29th, the conference in Alibaba group Xixi park is held by Taobao city. Wang Zhenggang, from Alibaba group , made the entitled "sesame credit: online service passport" report, Liu Junning, Alibaba group , introduced the application of recommendation system in "Lai Wang, Zha Dui". Professor Zhou Tao, University of Electronic Science and technology, introduced the application of big data in e-commerce. In the afternoon, participants held a roundtable discussion on the prospective topics, like credit, economic network, dual network and so on. 

This seminar is the second stage of GROWTHCOM project, and the goal is to promote information technology in social and economic innovation, and push related work process, especially the application of synthesis tool and data complexity in economic field, promote a project framework agreement in the GROWTHCOM international project, and present wonderful perspective of international and domestic academic, industry research ideas for the participants.


Hangzhou, China, May 27-30, 2014

With participants from the following institutions:

  • Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche – CNR
  • London Centre for Mathematical Sciences – LIMS
  • Université de Fribourg – UF
  • Alibaba Business Colleague, Hangzhou Normal University – HU
  • Oxford University
  • Alibaba Inc.

Meeting Locations:

  • Alibaba Business school, Hangzhou Normal University (58, Haishu Rd, Yuhang District, 311121, Hangzhou)
  • Alibaba Inc. (only the Thursday session; 969, West Wenyi Rd, Yuhang District, 311121, Hangzhou)

Organizing Committee Members:

  • Zi-Ke Zhang (zhangzike[at]gmail dot com)
  • Linyuan Lv ([at]gmail dot com)
  • Li She ([at]163 dot com)
  • Yangxue Xiang (jennyxiangyx[at]gmail dot com)
  • Zuo Zhang (zhangzuo9808[at]163 dot com)
  • Jianlin Zhang(zhangjohn[at]vip dot sina dot com)
  • Matúš Medo (matus.medo[at]unifr dot ch)
  • Yi-Cheng Zhang (yi-cheng.zhang[at]unifr dot ch)

Meeting Secretary:

  • Yue-Feng Sun (sunyf1989[at]163 dot com)

Meeting participants:

  • CNR – Luciano Pietronero, Andrea Tacchella, Andrea Zaccaria, Andrea Gabrielli, Antonietta Giampaglia, Matthieu Cristelli
  • UF – Yi-Cheng Zhang, An Zeng, Weiping Liu, Hao Liu
  • HU – Jianlin  Zhang, Zi-Ke Zhang, Linyuan Lv, Li She, Yangxue Xiang, Peng Wang, Runran Liu, Xiaopu Han, Chuang Liu, Mengting Wu
  • LIMS – Thomas Fink
  • Oxford University – Francois Lafond
  • Alibaba Inc. – Zhenggang Wang, Junlin Liu


Meeting participants will stay in Hangzhou Xixi Hotel. Please report your name and quote Hangzhou Normal University at the hotel reception. Participants will pay their respective own room costs. You can find out more about the hotel here:

Hotel address: West Wen’er Rd 803, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. We Strongly suggest you print the address in Chinese for the taxi driver: 杭州市西湖区文二西路803号,杭州西溪宾馆, 近西溪湿地.


  1. If you arrive at Hongqiao Airport of Shanghai, take metro line #10 to Hongqiao train station (2 mins).  
  2. If you arrive at Pudong Airport of Shanghai, take metro line #2 to Hongqiao train station (about two hours).

At Hongqiao train station, buy a TGV train ticket to Hangzhou at the counter. Choose only trains labeled with G as the first letter. It takes about 1 hour to Hangzhou. From the Hangzhou train station (or airport), it's recommended to take a taxi to the hotel (do not forget to print the hotel address in Chinese).


Tuesday, 27th May (Room 801, Shuyuan Building, HU)  

Start from 13H00, Luciano Pietronero/Yi-Cheng Zhang: Opening Speech
Zi-Ke Zhang:  Highlights of HU Team
Peng Wang:   The manipulative behavior in Taobao and the detection algorithms
Coffee Break (15-20 mins);
Linyuan Lv: Ranking Problems: Leadership Identification & Link Prediction
Run-Ran Liu: Recommendation algorithms and application cases in E-commence
Chu-Xu Zhang: Recommender Systems via Social Regularization

Wednesday Morning, 28th May (Room 801, Shuyuan Building, HU)

Start from 8H00:
Thomas Fink: Robustness and Adaptability in Human Enterprise
Francois Laford:
Coffee Break (15-20 mins)
Discussion on Milestones and Deliverables
Lunch Break (1.5 hours)

Wednesday Afternoon, 28th May (Room 801, Shuyuan Building, HU)

Start from 13H00,
An Zeng: WP3-Evaluation Metrics and Sustainability in E-commerce
Weiping Liu: Real Applications of Recommendation Algorithms
Coffee Break (15-20 mins)
Matthieu Cristelli: Overview of the research activity of CNR Team – Rome Economic Complexity
这部分由三个人共同完成,顺序 Matthieu Cristelli, Andrea Tacchella, Andrea Zaccaria

Thursday Morning, 29th May (VIP Room, Taobao City, Alibaba Inc.)

Start from 8H00
Luciano Pietronero: New Metrics for Economic Complexity
Junning Liu (Alibaba): Lai Wang Zha Dui Recommender Systems
Coffee Break (15-20 mins)
Tao Zhou (UESTC) Big Data in E-commerce
Zhenggang Wang (Alibaba): Zhima Credit :Your Passport for Online Services
Lunch Break (1.5 hours)

Thursday Afternoon, 29th May (VIP Room, Taobao City, Alibaba Inc.)

Round-table meeting and discussion of future work (possible directions for cooperation: trustworthiness, network economy, coupled networks, etc.)

Thursday, Evening, 29th May Welcome Dinner (Xixi Hotel, 18H00 --)

Moonlight Travel: 1.) Grand Canal of China; 2.) Music Fountain of the West Lake 

Friday, Morning 30th May

Mutual collaboration groups (Details will follow during workshop )