Istituto Sistemi Complessi (ISC)

The Italian CNR supports interdisciplinary research in the most advanced scientific fields. In particular it supports advanced research activities in modern physics and science of complex systems to which it have devoted a big Institute: the Institute of Complex Systems (ISC). The institution will be involved in the project both in R&D activities and in the management of the project, through a multidisciplinary team constituted by Luciano Pietronero, Andrea Gabrielli, Alberto Petri, Vittorio Loreto, Matthieu Cristelli, Andrea Tacchella. Luciano Pietronero, Andrea Gabrielli and Alberto Petri will be the key personnel of the Participant 1. The main tasks of Luciano Pietronero are research activity and the roles of Project Coordinator, the coordinator of the node and of the WP1. The main tasks of Andrea Gabrielli are the research activity and the coordination of the WP4. Alberto Petri will be mainly involved in the research activity of WP1 and WP2. This group will work both in theoretical and computational aspects of the project work plan and will use both computer and structural facilities located both at the Institute of Complex Systems (ISC) of CNR and Department of Physics of “Sapienza” University of Rome. The group will both coordinate the whole project and contribute to the scientific activities of the other Work packages.