Université de Fribourg (UF)

University of Fribourg is institution unique in the sense that it is bilingual (German and French) and its Master and PhD programs are in English. It has since long emphasized to aim at excellence at complexity sciences by encouraging cross-disciplinary research. The group at the University of Fribourg applies methods and tools of theoretical physics (statistical mechanics, probability theory, etc.) to economics, game theory, network theory, and information filtering. Fundamental research motivated by insights from physics is complemented by data-driven research with emphasis on real applications. Several members of the group and other people affiliated with it have experience with web design and development of applications for various platforms. Of particular significance to the project are the group's contributions to the use of bipartite networks in recommendation as well as considerable expertise in other aspects of information filtering – robustness of algorithms, the question of detecting and removing potential bias, etc.). Prof. Y.-C. Zhang and will be the key personnel of the Participant 3 and will be involved in activities of WP3 and will be a key link between the activities of WP4 based in China and the other participants.