Hangzhou Normal University (HU)

The Alibaba Business School, co-established and co-invested by Hangzhou Normal University (HU) and Alibaba (China) Co.Ltd through establishing a long-term collaboration relationship since 2008, is an international business school with the advanced concept, unique institution combining education and businesses, and dedicate to build a first-class and influential business school by focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship at home and abroad. The university and Alibaba Company are two formally independent entities but with many close overlapping expertise. For the EU project purpose, the university will be the representative as it is a non-profit public school.

The Institute of Information Economy is the research arm of the Alibaba Business School. It focuses on the research projects both related to internet economy and academic research. The institute currently consists of over ten faculty members and several doctor students, and it is rapidly establishing as an elite team in China and abroad for its expertise in closely combining businesses and researches. Several of its members hold joint positions at the Alibaba Business School and Alibaba Company, this is best to explore deeply cooperation on many real world ICT problems for the Chinese economy and beyond. We apply new information economy theory in real business through solving new problems from Alibaba (China) Co.Ltd, the world largest e-commerce provider, developing and verifying new ideas and techniques for real application. Recent collaborative work has concentrated on recommendation mechanism, reputation systems and e-commerce ecology etc, which is very important for next stage collaboration as big data has been widely used in rapidly progressing interdisciplinary field to achieve encouraging results.