GROWTHCOM Project Summer School: Socio-Economic Complex Systems

06-09-2015 to 12-09-2015

A novel theoretical view is needed to deeply understand economic growth and technological development. The aim of this summer school “ GROWTHCOM Project Summer School: Socio-Economic Complex” is to propose a novel approach empirically grounded on Big Data analysis to unravel the patter of economic development and technological innovation. For this purpose it is necessary to focus on the complex structure of the economy starting from the micro level of technologies, products, capabilities and transactions up to the macro level of country exports.

During the school we will disentangle the pattern of economic and technological development throughout three different approaches:

  1. Starting from a quantitative, non-monetary metrics for country competitiveness and products complexity, we will introduce a mathematical framework that is able to distinguish countries whose economic fate is predictable, being driven by their economic and industrial complexity, and those which are dominated by other less predictable factors. These indicators lead to a novel approach for the forecasting of GDP growth, risk analysis and industrial planning. Remarkably, we will show that the same approach can be used for studying the scientific development level of different national research systems.

  2. We study the global network of technologies and its dynamics, robustness and resilience in order to deeply understand economic growth as an evolutionary process in the ecosystems of technologies and industrial capabilities. Our goals will be to make better forecasts of technological progress and to provide quantitative methods that support better decision-making in the allocation of technology investments.

  3. Finally we analyze e-commerce feedback databases in order to explain how the matching of offer and demand triggers the evolution of production baskets. In this way we can understand how the opinions of citizens affects the economy.

A common element of this analysis is their foundation on datasets whose key information is provided in terms of networks, and that will be inquired thanks the tools of economic complexity and network analysi